We’re HUGE Wicked fans. HUGE. We love the show, the story, the characters, the actors and whatnot.
100 cities, 13 countries, five different languages, nine productions around the world, $3.1 billion in gross, more than 50 Grammy Awards, three Tony Awards, 175,000 pounds of scenery and 250 pounds of dry ice later, Wicked the musical is still going strong on Broadway, celebrating its 10th anniversary in October 2013. Initially the show received mixed reviews from critics, being called “generic” by the New York Times at one point. But times have certainly changed, with those mixed reviews turning into these:

“A Cultural Phenomenon ” – Variety

“The Best Musical of the Decade” – Entertainment Weekly

“There is Magic in this Wicked!” – Chicago Sun-Times

“The Defining Musical of the Decade” – The New York Times

This website is your ultimate guide for all things “Wicked.” From information on the cast, to reviews of the show, we have it all. The website also features city specific pages, where you can visit a city page and find out venue information and Wicked related facts about the city. So what are you waiting for? Bookmark this page and get your dose of all things “Wicked”.

What’s all this Wickedness About?

What’s got people going all wicked over Wicked? It’s the simple back-story to the classic Wizard of Oz, revolving around the lives of Elphaba, the nice girl turned Wicked by the criticisms of society and Glinda, the Good Witch. The unlikely friendship that develops between these two turns into a story of love, loss, envy and hatred.

Who is Wicked For?

It’s a classic for all age groups. It might seem like a childish idea, yes. But your kids will enjoy it because of the fairytale like aura of the entire production, and the characters they are all so familiar with. And as for you, you can enjoy it because of the deeper meaning hidden in themes explored in the musical; society’s disapproval of anyone that is different, there are two sides to every story, there is more to people than meets the eye, friendship, and bonds of trust, regrets, tragedies, injustice and dark secrets.



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