Wicked in New York

It was the power of belief that made it all happen. Otherwise the musical had been trashed by the likes of The New Yorker. The magazine essentially wrote the obituary by saying “The show’s twenty-two songs were written by Stephen Schwartz, and not one of them is memorable,”
For the likes of The New Yorker to be proven wrong, the story of Wicked had to go beyond the story of two witches. No matter how amusing it is to watch two witches play it out on stage, it is not interesting enough to spellbind the audience for over 10 years, or is it?
The creators of the musical had it right all along, there was something special about the show.

5 Reasons That Make Wicked Special

  • It transcends all age boundaries – Now what does that mean? Well the musical is a hit among teenage girls. This is pretty much a no brainer for those who know a bit about the plot – It’s on friendship of teenage girls. For the older generation, it expands on The Wizard of Oz, reminiscent of the era gone by.
  •  It is the most important American fantasy story of all time – This is what Paul R. Laird says, a respected musicologist at the University of Kansas.
  • It is the last piece of the musical jig saw puzzle – The musical encapsulates popular historical themes of the American theatre, such as female empowerment. You probably didn’t watch Guys and Dolls circa 1950. Its leading characters, Sarah and Adelaide, sang a duet towards the end of the show, affirming their bond. Fast forward to today and Glinda and Elphaba sing a duet towards the end of the show, expressing their love for each other. While you probably missed one, you don’t have to miss the other.
  • It is carefully crafted – Or so it is claimed. But there must be some truth to it as the musical has earned over $3 billon in ticket sales.
  • Harry Potter – There are strong parallels between The Harry Potter films and books and Wicked. The musical is not a hit sensation among teens for nothing.

The Gershwin Theatre is the home of Wicked in NYC.

5 Things You Did Not Know About the Gershwin Theatre

  • Entering Gershwin Theatre is walking through the history of Broadway musicals – Inside of the theatre showcases pictures and memorabilia from shows staged here in the past.
  • Who is who of the entertainment industry have been here – Gershwin Theatre has hosted the performances of none other than Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, and others. Even Queen has performed here.
  • 2003 – 2015 and going strong – Gershwin Theatre has been the home of Wicked since 2003. The musical made its Broadway debut here.
  • Smack in the middle of NYC – The theatre is only a few blocks away from Time Square. After the show, you won’t have to walk much to find good food and drinks.
  • Gershwin Theatre’s stage is raked – The stage slops down towards the audience.

The belief that the creators of Wicked had was in the good judgment of America’s youth; that it would be young theatre goers who would prove the likes of The New Yorker wrong.
A New Yorker (not The New Yorker),and fan of The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady? Well consider this musical the third missing piece of the musical trilogy.