Wicked in Cleveland

What began as a movie development project with Platt and Universal, “Wicked the Musical” is now recognized as the “Broadway’s biggest blockbuster.” The show graced the stage for the first time in 2003 and within a year, recouped its $14 million investment. Wondering how the magic worked out for the musical? It was all without those fancy marketing campaigns; only through “word of mouth”. By now, Wicked is a winner of over a 100 international awards including three Tony and a Grammy Award.  

Inspired by Gregory Maguire’s book, “Wicked: The Life and Times of Wicked Witch of the West”, the lyricist and composer, Stephen Schwartz suggested adapting it into a musical instead of a movie. The idea was further discussed with the famous novelist Winnie Holzman and together they worked out an outline for the show. The stage piece came out as flawless and Winnie’s work was accredited for being “a perfect marriage of writer to material.”  Through her story, she took the audiences in the past; years before Dorothy’s arrival in the Land of Oz.

The Story

Wicked is lead by two main characters, Glinda and Elphaba. They meet at University of Shiz as room-mates but possessing contrasting personalities do not get along too well. The green skinned Elphaba is a broody and intense young girl, who is too sensitive about her natural hue. But, Glinda is a rich and pretty blonde and is a lot different in her ways. However, living together, they work out to put their differences aside and become friends. But this doesn’t last for long. As soon the heartthrob Fiyero is introduced, the story takes a turn. Elphaba makes every effort to fight the injustice in the Land of Oz and tries to undo the mistakes of the past. On the contrary, Glinda earns popularity among the people of Oz and is known as the ‘good witch’. Wicked is a heart touching tale about trust, friendship and love and reveals that are always two sides to every story.

Who is it for?

The producer, David Stone comments about Wicked, “It works on many levels, and different people find different things in the show” According to him, a 10 year old might be interested in the part where the scarecrow get in its form. A teenager would love the bit where the green girl becomes accepted and the popular girl becomes good. Youngsters might get hooked to the part where the friendship grows between Glinda and Elphaba and how they make sacrifices according to the circumstances. Adults would find their interest in rules of the governments and the way the wicked and the good is determined. So the show offers something for audiences belonging to all age groups that have made its viewership reach out to more than 2 million people from around the world.

Stage Representation of “Wicked”

Character creation is not as challenging as presenting them in their true form on stage. It’s the timeless detail that goes into each performance that translates the success of the show. Apart from Spiderman, Wicked is one of the most expensive sets on Broadway.

  • It makes use of 250 pounds of ice for each performance and an additional 200 pounds especially when it is touring.
  • The electricity used up by laser lights, dust and smoke creation in every show can light up at least twelve households.
  • When it comes to the props, at least 90 wigs are set for each show. They are all made of human hair and that too individually for each actor by using his/her own hairline in the front. 
  • A collection of 179 different types of leather is used for costumes, gloves and hats used for each production.

Wicked in Cleveland

The “rock and roll capitol of the world”, Cleveland is home to the second largest performing arts center in the United States, Playhouse Square Center. The venue hosts a range of best selling events all around the year and this time, the Broadway blockbuster musical, Wicked is on top of the list. Enjoy Wicked in Cleveland in discounted prices. Pick the deal for Wicked Tickets Cleveland that suits you the best and enjoy the show.

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